Are there any fees to enter the Local Business Awards?

No. The Awards are free to enter.

What businesses can enter?

Any business operating locally is eligible to participate in the Local Business Awards.

How long will it take to complete the entry process?

The Local Business Awards utilise an open nomination and voting process. Once you have uploaded your nomination button to your web site and linked it to the LBA voting form then you are immediately in the running for the Local Business of the Year.

How do we enter our business?

To participate in the awards simply use the nomination form. You can nominate your own business.

What are the benefits of participating in the Awards?

As the engine-room of our economy, small businesses deserve to be recognised. The Awards offer a unique chance for local businesses to be recognised for their hard work, commitment and of course, success. The Awards give local businesses new opportunities to expand their horizons by generating exposure and building stronger relationships.The Local Business of the Year is catapulted into the spotlight through the ABA Network’s media utilities which engage the corporate and government sectors allowing the successful businesses the possibility of new business opportunities through a marked increase in public profile. Participants have the option of creating a profile for their business allowing continued national exposure in an exclusive environment.

Local Business Awards - Nomination Form

  • Nominator (You)

    This section should be completed by the person filling out this form.
  • Nominee (The Business)

    Please fill out the details of the business you are nominating. You can nominate as many of your favourite small businesses as you like.